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The Remarkable History Of Swiss Army Mens Watches

Longines is another Swiss-based view company. Also founded within the 1830s, it holds the oldest registered view company logo. Though currently owned breitling superocean by Swatch, it was founded by Auguste Agassiz in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. When Agassiz's son Ernest Francillon took over in 1862, he turned the company into a true business. The company's name happens from the tracts of land purchased by Francillon, around a location called Les Longines.

The company's first view debuted in 1867, and they continued successfully from there, establishing their first wristwatches within the early 20th century. 1912 was a big year for Longines, as they began to move away from spherical watches and experimented with way more daring shapes. They also premiered their creation of automated timing at the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Meet in 1912. Another landmark for Longines was in 1927, when their timepieces were employed in Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight. In 1952, their Photogines device was applied in equestrian sports activities, as it was the first device that would keep time while also visualizing the finish line.

More recently, Longines celebrated its 175th anniversary also as the creation of its 30 millionth view. At the moment, Longines has ten collections for men and seven for females, with watches ranging in price from 400 bucks to 3,000 dollars. They use materials including gold, mother-of-pearl, stainless-steel, quartz, and leather-based. Their watches are desired like a mark of old-world style and distinction.

For anyone who is looking to collect timepieces, or wish to acquire a nice watch for all those special occasions, nothing beats a Longines - Timeless type guaranteed to invoke desire from your peers.

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